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Shotgun Mythos is
currently syndicated on 36 stations in 13 states on over 10 million homes!

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Cynical private investigator Joss Washburn has seen the worst that humanity has to offer, and thinks that nothing can surprise him. But a simple missing persons case changes all of that, as Joss finds himself in the middle of a struggle that has gone on for millennia.

Shotgun Mythos is a series set in our modern world, but stretching beyond what we see. Biblical references, Classical Mythology and Celtic Legend, combine to provide a rich backstory for a war that has spanned the ages.

Joss learns that he must take up the role as humanity's defender against outside influences. On one side stand the Gentry. Based in the charitable Gentry Endowment Fund, they support the arts, the environment and want to preserve beauty in the world...even if that means removing some people from it. On the other side are the Slau. Based in Slau Pharmaceuticals, they believe in strength, change and adversity as the greatest tools for humanity's development, and if some humans don't survive, well, that only strengthens the gene pool.

As the body count rises, we realize that the cute little sprites of children's stories are just that...stories. The original "fairies" were something much stronger, much darker...and they never really left us. They just learned to blend in.

A combination of crime noir and fantasy, Shotgun Mythos is a gritty modern story that reminds us that fairy tales weren't meant for children.

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